For inquiry
Inform us the following items for inquiring after lubricating system.
Present the general view of machinery or sketch showing the overall dimension.
Number and location of point to be lubricated
Especially as for locations, indicate them on drawings (sketch).
Type and characteristics of lubricating point above
(a) Distinction between bearing and sliding part, and type (flat bearing, ball bearing, etc.)
(b) Dimension and rotating speed
(c) Distinction whether the lubricating port is fixed, movable, or rotational, and moving quantity and rotating speed
(d) Lubricating port screw diameter
(e) Items to be especially noted in determining lubricating amount
(f) Type of lubricant (grease or oil)
When the machinery is subject to especially high or low temperature (above 50ºC or below 0ºC),
explain the circumstances in detail.
Distinction between indoor and outdoor, and special environment
Expected pump type, control method Manual pump, motor driven pump,
full automatic control, semi automatic control, control panel absence, and presence of spare pump
Program or direction about position of pump and main line
Power supply for motor driven pump and control panel (voltage and frequency)
Items to be especially noted about control panel (remote display, remote control, etc.)
Other items to be noted in relation to quotation
(Quotation will conform to our standard if not specified otherwise after the item 3 and 4.)
Drawing and document to be submitted in quotation, and the number of copies
1. Construction place
2. Construction scope (Electric work, foundation work, etc. are not available in principle.)
3. Availability of supplies
For example, electricity, water (whether available nearby), applicable lubricant, oxygen, acetylene, etc.

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